Scientific Meeting on Landscape Evolution

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Check the list of participants of DELTA H 2022.

Download the summary of DELTA H 2022 (in portuguese).


DELTA H is a scientific meeting in the field of Geomorphology and Landscape Evolution. It was created to promote an immersion in the science on the forefront of landscape evolution research by bringing national and international researchers in a single day of talks and discussions.

Born with DELTA H is a platform to (1) discuss the science of scenery and surface processes, (2) integrate scientific communities from different fields, (3) promote Geomorphology as a holistic science and paramount to Geosciences, (4) shorten the distance between the cutting-edge researchers and the Brazilian geomorphology communities, and lastly (5) create an inclusive community that contributes to broad debates for the collective advancement.

This event is ideal for students (graduate and undergraduate) and researchers in the broad field of landscape evolution and related disciplines such as tectonics/geotectonics, paleoclimate science, biogeography, physical geography, geochemistry, geochronology, sedimentology, structural geology, soil science, and others.

DELTA H is inspired in Gilbert Club (AGU) and Steepest Descent (EGU). It is an independent initiative and strives to help advance the Brazilian geomorphology community.


Coordinator: Pedro Val (UFOP)

Organizing Committee: Marcilene dos Santos (UNESP), Fabiano Pupim (Unifesp), Daniel Peifer (UFMG), Nelson Fernandes (UFRJ) e Pedro Val

Conceptualized by Pedro Val, Daniel Peifer e Nelson Fernandes